Stop it now!

Michael Hasemann (
Tue, 10 Jan 1995 11:24:10 +0200 (EET)

> > seldom plant. Tissue culture is not the topic
> > here. It just shortens turn-around times, i.e.
> > the time until the species is readily
> > available. Thus, it is nothing more than a
> > production technique.
> That s wrong without any doubt:
> Tissue culture is the _only_ _way_ to propagate many plants at all!
> (believe it or not...)
It is still a production technique. Is this whole stuff something
touchy for your professional honour. Get realistic. Perhaps it is
the only one. It is still a production technique.

> > The point I make is that people are not hunting
> > for N.rajah (because it is readily available)
> > but others. The names change (very fast). Still
> > the problem has the same features as earlier.
> > In contrast to the past people now run to the
> > rain forrest collecting new species (naming
> > them thus creating a market and propagating
> > them in their own monetary interest believing
> > in the need to environmentally -> tissue
> > cultured satisfy the demand).
> Rarely have I heared or read such a bunch of nonsense....
> Sorry, that s not my usual style of writing but....

Admittedly, a bit far strechted. However, ...

Make your point. There are rare species out there. There
are people willing to pay a lot of money to get them. There
are people willing/able to propagate them. Some of these
people take a lot of money for them. My point is that these
people should calm down a little to realize that what they
are doing is aside saving the rain forest (you convinced me)
is partially business (ok, you have to get your expenses back).

I have no problem with you doing business. But, I would
(<- mind the conjunctive here) mind if (<- conditional)
this (<- no personal insult, Andreas) gets here too (<-
it's ok at the current level for me) commercial. This
is my point. Don't get paranoid about it.

Thanks and bye,


P.S.: I suggest to continue this discussion by personal mail.
IMO it gets too off-topic. My point is that aside the scien-
tific value to have an extinct species in a green house there
is *no* environmental benefit. We agree in the point that
preservation must be done on the ecosystem level.

Andreas, did you ever think about your eco-balance in pre-
serving endangered N. species. Don't pose yourself as a
saint. Be realistic it's your/our hobby/profession and we
love it and in our dreams we save the rain forests...