Michael Hasemann (
Tue, 10 Jan 1995 11:02:35 +0200 (EET)

> > I mind if things here get 'too commercial'.
> As I already mentioned I completely accept being blamed for having posted
> offers or even my price list in one case and will not do so again.

You are paronoid to get offended by the above. Mind the 'if'. It is

> > I
> > do not mind references to sources or people
> > offering their stuff for trade or sale. Parti-
> > cular, if astronomical 'black market' prices
> > are requested.
> Sorry, but though some people tried to explain you about the expenses you
> need to start a successful lab this seems to be beyond your understanding.
> As I mentioned a single laminar flow hood is as expensive as a car
> (believe it or not...). Your style of writing e.g. of black market prices
> is an insulting offence and it s beyond my understanding why you do this.

Paranoia: You may have high expenses. Granted. You plants may be expen-
sive, perhaps justified. If you get insulted by "black market prices"
please read "astronomical prices". If this is too strong please just
read "high prices". It does not change my point.

> I cannot remember having attacked you personally before you started _your_
> "discussion" against some people including myself.

I do not remember to have you attacked personally. I made my statements
very general with no intention to insult anybody.