Re: Thanks and congratulations

Perry Malouf (
Mon, 2 Jan 1995 21:04:38 -0500 (EST)

Barry wrote:,

> >>Kinabalu Park, The Final 1.5 Days
> A great epic, Perry, thanks for taking the time to key all that in. That was
> great. I'm looking forward to going myself! A great connection you made with
> the botanist at the park!

I'm glad that you enjoyed it, Barry. I typed it out chronologically
as it spooled out of my memory, and didn't take the time to refine
the article or even do much spell checking. It was a little rough,
and I'm happy that enough content got through to make for pleasant

Apparently there was enough information, because no one has
asked me any questions yet. Wow, a self-sufficient article.
That's a first for me :)