Re: Thanks and congratulations

Rick Walker (
Tue, 03 Jan 1995 22:28:47 -0800

Barry Meyers-Rice writes:
> Rick, now that you are in power, is it true you're going to take all
> the plants that are being grown poorly and put them in huge greenhouse
> orphanages ?

My first act in office will be to organize an international hunger
strike on behalf of all the languishing supermarket VFT's. Our demands
will include little plastic shields to prevent little kids from teasing
the plants, plus regular feeding with live cicadas. We will also insist
that several N. Carolina supermarkets be plowed under and converted back
into bogs.

Our second campaign will involve placing anti-bulldozer land mines at
several strategic Sarracenia habitats. :-) :-).

On the serious side, thanks for the congratulations! I'm counting on
all the ICPS members for guidance and support in trying to shape the
future of ICPS in 1995. Please write me with your suggestions. I'm
trying to consolidate the ideas that I presented in my campaign statement
with feedback from various letters that I've received. Hopefully this
will result in some action and an article in one of the next newsletters.