Re: CP Web page status

Rick Walker (
Wed, 21 Dec 1994 12:07:43 -0800

Dear Ross,

> I understand how to get to the home page,
> but initiating a search does not seem possible.
> I am using Mosaic 1.0.3 on a Macintosh. I do not
> see a "box below" in which to enter a "search
> pattern." I do have a box "above" on the screen
> with a search button next to it. When I type
> Drosera in the box, the search button is still
> greyed out and inoperable. Maybe others are
> using different access software, as I am, and
> are having trouble getting anything beyond the
> home page and the hypertext to work, as I am.
> Near the bottom of the home page, after the
> hypertext "database entry format" there is the
> word "Query:" but no box, and attempts to type
> after the colon do not work either. So I am
> baffled as to what I am doing wrong. HELP!

These symptoms indicate that you are using an old version of Mosaic
lacking "Forms" support. You will need to get Mosaic 2.0 or greater.

Mosaic is available from:

An alternative is to get a copy of the Netscape browser program.

Netscape is available from:

There are versions for UNIX, MSDOS and MAC operating systems

Good luck!

Rick Walker