CP Web page status

Rick Walker (walker@cutter.hpl.hp.com)
Sat, 17 Dec 1994 02:07:52 -0800

New botanical line drawings by Judith Finn have been added to the
database for the following species:

[Cephalotus follicularis] [Darlingtonia californica] [Dionaea muscipula]
[Drosera binata] [Drosera capensis] [Drosera spatulata]
[Nepenthes rafflesiana] [Pinguicula moranensis] [Sarracenia leucophylla]
[Sarracenia purpurea] [Utricularia alpina]

Also, I've changed the way the images are presented. Now you only
get a small preview image when you click on the database entry. This
should keep the loading time down for people on slow networks.

If you want a better copy of the image to look at or keep, simply click
on the image or the caption. This will cause an external viewer to be
spawned with a larger copy of the image. You can then save it wherever
you want. This should be easier than the way it used to work.

In the first month of the database, there have been 750 accesses
from 103 different sites!

Please consider contributing your photos to the project. Credit is
given to the photographer in each entry.

Also, if anyone wants to write a FAQ for any particular species or
genera, these can be linked into the database too. If you would like to
contribute in a more formal way, Jan has some guidelines that can be
used to structure a species monograph. If you'd like to contribute a
monograph or a FAQ, please check with me first so you don't duplicate
someone else's effort.

Keep those scans coming in - We've got a 2-gigabyte disk just waiting
to be filled up with CP lore! :-)