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Tue, 20 Dec 94 12:42:49 -0800

Web Page!? Web page!? What's the URL??!!

-- Steve

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> New botanical line drawings by Judith Finn have been added to the
> database for the following species:
> [Cephalotus follicularis] [Darlingtonia californica] [Dionaea
> muscipula] [Drosera binata] [Drosera capensis] [Drosera
> spatulata] [Nepenthes rafflesiana] [Pinguicula moranensis]
> [Sarracenia leucophylla] [Sarracenia purpurea] [Utricularia
> alpina]
> Also, I've changed the way the images are presented. Now you only
> get a small preview image when you click on the database entry. This
> should keep the loading time down for people on slow networks.
> If you want a better copy of the image to look at or keep, simply
> click on the image or the caption. This will cause an external
> viewer to be spawned with a larger copy of the image. You can then
> save it wherever you want. This should be easier than the way it
> used to work.
> In the first month of the database, there have been 750 accesses from
> 103 different sites!
> Please consider contributing your photos to the project. Credit is
> given to the photographer in each entry.
> Also, if anyone wants to write a FAQ for any particular species or
> genera, these can be linked into the database too. If you would like
> to contribute in a more formal way, Jan has some guidelines that can
> be used to structure a species monograph. If you'd like to
> contribute a monograph or a FAQ, please check with me first so you
> don't duplicate someone else's effort.
> Keep those scans coming in - We've got a 2-gigabyte disk just waiting
> to be filled up with CP lore! :-)
> -- Rick