Re: Greetings

Philip F. Wight (
Wed, 7 Dec 1994 11:09:08 -0800 (PST)

Christopher - my pings don't have any flowers at present, but they sure
are piling on leaves. I think the last flower I saw was 1-2 months ago.

I have one N. villosa and one raja coming in a month or two: already
reserved. I agree that it is a beautiful pitcher and I hope that I can
give it a happy and compatable home. It will be small, so I won't see
anything exciting for awhie yet, but it's worth waiting for.

On Wed, 7 Dec 1994, Christopher Waldrop wrote:

> According to what the books say, they shouldn't be going into their
> "winter rosettes" for a while yet. (I'm not sure what the specific
> designated time frame for "late winter" is.) Right now mine is, like
> yours, large, lush, healthy, and gorging itself on small gnats (I
> never knew how bug-infested my house was). I'll wait and see, but I'm
> also concerned about the lack of flowers. Does the term
> "free-flowering" refer to the number of scapes/flowers per scape
> produced, or does it mean that a plant may flower during any season?
> Just out of curiosity, of the 60+ nepenthes, as well as the ones
> you'll be adding to your collection, do you have any specimens of N.
> villosa? I've only seen pictures, and think it is the most beautiful
> nepthenes plant I have seen. I would expect those peculiar pitchers
> to be problematic, though, which may explain its rarity in
> cultivation.