Germinating Genlisea

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Wed, 7 Dec 1994 14:43:05 -0700

>While we're on this subject... Does anybody have tips on how to
>germinate Genlisea hispidula seed? I have tried to germinate
>seed straight-from-the-pod using sterile en vitro and non-sterile
>en vivo techniques and, thus far, have achieved absolutely no


Very very strange. I have been growing G.hispidula for a few years and since
it reached maturity it has been flowering nearly constantly. Seed production
is prodigious, and has managed to infect many other pots with seed. These
subsequently germinate and so G.hispidula is now on my list of greenhouse
weeds along with things like P. lusitanica, U.subulata, U.arenaria,
U.bisquamata, and D.peltata!