re: habitat preservation

Michael.Chamberland (23274MJC@MSU.EDU)
Wed, 07 Dec 94 12:58 EST

> >If you consider
> >Sarracenia country, thousands of acres exist which are not developed. This
> >not tundra or desert. It is beautiful, fertile land with hot summers and c
> >winters.

Yes, CP habitat is not often tundra or desert. But it is often flood plain,
which I mentioned, or similar areas unsuitable for development due to a high
water table.

> Please, please do not underestimate tundra, desert, cliffs, jungles etc.!
> Where would _Pinguicula algida/variegata_ be without the tundras? The
> (semi-)arid regions of Australia are important for many species of
> _Drosera_, the coastal cliffs of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco are the only
> native home of _Drosophyllum_ I do know about, etc. etc.

Sorry, this wasn't meant as a denigration of the value of these habitats
(indeed, I rank the desert as my personal favorite!). What I intended to
indicate was these habitats have for a long while been regarded as
substandard for housing and development. This is probably a big reason
why the desert, tundra, floodplains, etc... have been less consumed
while the temperate forests, Mediterranean regions, and grassland prairies
have been more heavily populated and developed.