Re: re: habitat preservation
Thu, 8 Dec 1994 12:00:35 -0500

>From sharing opinions comes convictions.
We have all heard about the scam involving the sale of Florida real estate
that was actually under water. Do not believe that people won't build
because there are structural problems with the land. Marshes and bogs can be
filled in long enough to knock down natural habitat and "grow" human habitat
until the real estate sells. California is a prime example of this kind of
greed. Who hasn't seen the fires and floods and quakes over the past few
years.(To say nothing of the houses that drop off the face of cliffs) Deserts
are filling up with retirees as well as Florida. And, of course, here in
California, logging will go on water or not. (Infact, logging is done
seasonally, log in Summer, ship in winter) It is also a shame that the best
income producer for the region is also illegal, it would, if leagalized,
provide an alternative to logging and then logging could happen with
concienciousness.(But then the prices would drop out of the market and we'd
be left with rope making and burlap...) Hmmmmm.
It is hard to plan for the 7th generation when next week is a great mystery.