Re: Election
Sat, 3 Dec 1994 11:09:56 -0500

Kevin: I assume that you are referring to me when you mentioned the person
in the room when Steve was nominated. I think Steve is a fine candidate and
wish him all the luck. The issue of counting ballots did not come up at the
nominations. Other issues such as environmental concerns, etc. I believe are
relevant to election. These issues were not addressed at the nomination and
probably were not appropriate in a situation where the Society is struggling
to uncover candidates. However, in choosing between two or three candidates,
I don't believe it wrong to want all the information possible. (I even
believe that people did this in elections in the US before marketing became
the real issue.) All I'm asking is that people consider their choices
carefully because I believe that the outcome is important. Some others I've
spoken to don't care who wins--this is an election to ensure charity tax
status. Steve is an excellent choice for President, and so is Rick; they
both have made outstanding contributions to CP. How do you make a selection?
I've found them both to be of a high caliber and very professional. And I
believe that either one would make a good President. So, my position is that
a more detailed Bio would make an intelligent choice possible. I don't want
to vote East-West or by name recognition.

Good luck in your election,