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>Date: Tue, 29 Nov 1994 19:27:08 -0800
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>Well, it's real evident that none of you are politicians.
>I suppose all of us who have not been around for 23 years should go
>hide our heads in the sand.


You don't need to do that nor are we asking you to. We are frustrated
and mad that out of 762 members world wide we could not present you
with 4 candidates for each position. I was perticularly mad at the fact
that several friends were talking about Steve as though he was not here
instead of talking to him. You are relatively new here and are not
nessarly expected to know who is who, or who is here and who is not
yet. One of the other people that has been descussing the election
was in the room with us when Steve was nominated and made no mention
that I know of untill they appeared on the net.

> How is this effecting native CP's habitat.
> Can ICPS have any impact on saving or mitigating these habitat's.

Yes we can but the voics of the officers will mean little by them
selves. The Best oppertunity for political action is through our
publication "Carnivorous Plant Newsletter" and this like Democracy
REQIRES the full particapation of our constituntes. Are YOU willing
to research, write and submit an article that will identify the
problimes and MOTIVATE out members to petition the government and
spread the word to there friends? The voices of our members are
759 times lowder than ours alone.


The position I'm running for is one that involves keeping good
records of what is going on. Mantaining the membership roster
(Mailing list). Answering corespondance in a timely and accurate
maner. And keeping honest and accurate track of Society funds
to the best of my ability, are the most IMPORTANT issues to the
job you are voteing on when you get to the column where my name
appears. If elected I will be the one you send your money to.
If there is to be an I.C.P.S. next year this IS the most important
subject on the ballot. Not some lie about how I will twist the
governments arm on environmental issues kick ass and take names.
I've seen other groups nearly fold because the treas skipped town
with the loot!

> Listen fellas, you shouldn't take this all so personally, folk
> are just pointing out irregularities in the system.

We have no system yet and that's the other problem.

Kevin Snively

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