Re: Election
Tue, 29 Nov 1994 22:21:59 -0500

Well, it's real evident that none of you are politicians.
I suppose all of us who have not been around for 23 years should go hide our
heads in the sand. Quite frankly I ahven't got the time.
All I wanted was to open discussions on issues that we as plant collectors
should consider. Frankly I could give a hairy rat's *** who counts the
votes. If it were a problem, we'd have heard. Maybe not this election, but
certainly in the future as truth has a way.
OK, case in point, as you know, hidden behind Gays in the Military and
Hillary's health plan was a wet lands legislation that went into effect. It
has met with some truely weird interpretations. How is this effecting native
CP's habitat. Can ICPS have any impact on saving or mitigating these
If you are not sure of the law, I believe it says if you take some here,
you've got to put it back over there. While this worked in our marsh (and
just barely I might add, if it had not been for the Nature Conservancy!) up
river in a Sacramento burb it has ment draining vernal pools(unique and
extreemly fragile) and "creating" them in some one else's juristiction.
Needless to say, the Native Plant Society is haveing a hissy fit since many
species are endemic to one reagon.
Are all the presidential candidates on this line? If so could you comment?
VP's? Sec/Treas?
Listen fellas, you shouldn't take this all so personally, folk are just
pointing out irregularities in the system.