Sat, 3 Dec 1994 11:39:07 -0500

Thank you for your response. I must say, we were totally in the dark as to
why the cranky responses from those who allegedly wanted our votes. All I
wanted was to start up some kind of dialogue so that this election didn't
resemble the one we just had in November. (I'm still washing the mud off.)
Given this forum here, don't you think this is the place to take up issues?
I was disappointed that the CITES discussion ended so abrubtly.
Personally, I am not afraid of anyone skipping town with the budget. It's
not enough for a weekend in Vagas. I am surprised that Steve is able to put
out such a professional and detailed little mag on such a budget.
My own wee club is rather lax as well on Roberts Rules. If it were any more
laid back, we'd all be comatosed. I suppose it will continue like that until
there is a problem, and then the beans will fly.
As to my commitment to issues. I can only say "watch".