Fri, 25 Nov 1994 22:56:11 -0500

I would like to say several things about the elections. Everybody that is a
current member of ICPS has known about the coming elections at least 6 months
and how ICPS was going to get there first nominees. I for one am MAD that it
has taken the CP group this long to make any comment about this election.
Seeing that it is coming to an end. The ICPS has been going for some 23 years
and until now their has been no one that has come forward to get a election
started. I was told that the editors tried to get nominees one year but NO
ONE was submitted for election. And now that someone is tring to get an
election done all that can be said is I need more to make a descision or I
not sure I trust him. There in the BLANK BLANK Have all of you been for 23

Well Now that I have Said my piece.


Steve Baker