Source for Taylor's UTRICULARIA

Michael.Chamberland (23274MJC@MSU.EDU)
Sat, 26 Nov 94 14:00 EST

In the "New Books" section of the Oct. 1994 ASPT Newsletter:

Taylor, P. 1994. The Genus _Utricularia_: A
Taxonomic Monograph. The Herbarium, Royal
Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9
3AE, England. (Telephone: [44] 81/ 332 5219;
fax: [44] 81/ 332 5278). ISBN 0-112500-46-3.
Paper. Pp xii + 724, illus. L40, Plus postage &
handling. -- This was originally published by
HMSO in 1989 as part of the _Kew Bulletin
Additional Series_ (XIV), but the stock was
accidentally destroyed.

(Note: this is not an ad. I'm responding to several
people who I recall inquired about a source for this