Thu, 24 Nov 1994 12:53:37 -0500

I'm surprised that there is so little discussion of the election of officers
to this old institution. And it is being bungled in such an extraordinary
way. The completed ballots are addressed to one of the candidates for
President. (I trust the gentleman, but the question will always exist.) The
by-laws state that the editor is appointed by the President (I'm not sure if
the executive committee has a say). There is a potential for conflict here.
Additionally, were ballots mailed to members overseas?

I'm gone through and read the bio/political statements and would have liked
to have heard more about what the candidates believed and wanted to
accomplish. We're voting to give the society a direction. I don't feel that
I can do that based on the information presented. However, I must state that
I was quite impressed with Rick Walker's effort and agree witjh many of his
statements. And Steve Baker has done an outstanding job as editor. He has
single-handedly turned the CPN around. How does everyone else feel? Am I
making too big an issue out of something that does not matter?