Andreas Wistuba (
25 Nov 1994 00:12:00 +0200

>to have heard more about what the candidates
>believed and wanted to accomplish. We're voting
>to give the society a direction. I don't feel
>that I can do that based on the information
>presented. However, I must state that I was
>quite impressed with Rick Walker's effort and
>agree witjh many of his statements. And Steve
>Baker has done an outstanding job as editor. He
>has single-handedly turned the CPN around. How
>does everyone else feel? Am I making too big an
>issue out of something that does not matter?

How shall someone like myself discuss, vote or simply have an opinion when
not even having received election forms or any informations regarding
candidates or anything else.... :-(.

Hoping to receive something written before the election is over.

(Seriously, I do not regard this as very democratic!)

All the best


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