Michael.Chamberland (23274MJC@MSU.EDU)
Thu, 10 Nov 94 21:29 EST

> Malaysia, the home of many of the Nepenthes species, has a goal of populatio
> growth. This translates into destruction of the rain forests and thousands
> of species of plants, the Nepenthes included. If you are a socially
> conscious individual, you have to be concerned. And you may even have to
> admire people who travel to these to collect plants and seed and forward the
> home where they will be distributed and serve as a hedge against extinct.

I have heard that Malaysia (or was it another nearby country) wants to pass
a "sue your son" law. This law states that citizens are responsible for
supporting thier parents when the parents become aged and infirm. Those
who do not will be arrested and fined. Supporters of this law say it will
support good "family values" and it spares the need for taxation to run
a government sponsored social security system. Detractors of this law
(like myself) see that it will only encourage people to have as large
a family as possible, since ones' offspring will be the only means of support
after retirement. Tough luck to those who are infertile, those who outlive
their children, and especially to those who don't want to have kids.

Everybody, please don't support this kind of legislation in your