Re: Introduction
Wed, 9 Nov 1994 11:42:13 -0500

I guess it is about time I introduced myself, I am Becky, artist/student
currently taking my 3rd course in ditch digging at the local community
I became interested in CP's while waiting in a Dr's ofc reading an ancient
(what else)Nature Conservancy. Oh, it's not that simple, but it's close
enough. (The article was on Ron Gagliardo)
I live on Sacremento River mud and believe my area might be perfect for
outdoor backyard bogs. The reason we don't have any CP's native to the area
is because of salt incursion and an otherwise alkaline soil. Grows great
asparagrass tho'.
I would like to build a solar distillery since one thing we have alot of
around here is sunshine. Something really low tech. No solar cells, maybe
not even a fresnel lens (we'll see) Funny thing is, all the lit I find on
solar tech is trying to sell something. I can get a solar distillery from a
Co. in Sacto. but for $400-600 I think I should be able to come up with
something better, don't you? RO units are more cost effective. Any input
would be greatly appreciated, although shleping the water from the market is
at least exercise.
We are getting our second rain this winter. I must also come up with a
better rain catcher.
Oh, and Charlotte! You realize that with what comes out of your tap in S.F.
just has to sit out overnight to give off the clorine and can be put directy
on your plants! I kept a Darlingtonia alive all summer in my back yard pond
with S.F. water!