Re: US Customs--Busting

Glenn Rankin (
Wed, 9 Nov 94 7:59:22 PST

Concerning this subject of importing (ie mail ordering from a dealer)
plant material into the US (and California), could somebody post a
summary of the requirements for doing it legally? How do the
procedures operate in practice? If I order a non-endangered species
from, say, Australia, what paper work should I get from the shipper?
What license, if any, is needed by me for importation of small
quantities for my personal use? Are dealers here treated any
differently? How should the plants be packed to pass phytosanitary
requirements? How do I get certification that the plants comply?

Do the same requirements apply to seeds and gemmae?

For CITES plants: What are the regulations and exactly which species
are covered? If that is too large a list, where can I get a list?

Glenn Rankin