Barbara Weintraub (
Thu, 29 Dec 94 11:09:43 MST

I've been reading the CP mailing list for nearly a month, and have been
impressed with the scientific slant of discussions. I am interested in all
kinds of native flora, but haven't tried growing any carnivorous plants
yet, since they will require specialized (indoor) conditions here in
northern New Mexico.

I received a book called (I think) "Lett's Guide to Carnivorous Plants of
the World" as a gift. I found several species of Drossera, Pinguicula and
Utricularia appealing, particularly because of small size, beauty of
flowers, and plant shape or structure. Any suggestions for 'starter'

Much thanks for letting me listen in!

Barbara L. Weintraub
Zone 5 at 6000' in northern New Mexico