Re: Feader Nurseries

Ron Gagliardo (
23 Oct 94 22:20:16 EDT

Tim and Phil,
Several years ago I was launching a major tissue culture operation in Raleigh
NC and in Escondido, CA. I visited Feader Nurseries as a potential client. I
was turned down on my bid to supply them with ethically grown VFTs, as they
have had a long standing relationship with Jimmy Northrup in North Carolina
who could offer collected plants for half the price. The guys at Feader
wanted an exclusive for only 100,000 plants (we ended up growing aver 500,000
that year from TC!) and when we refused they stood up and said "I guess this
meeting's over. Bye!" Don't be fooled by claims that their plants are
propagated, as I saw absolutely no signs of it at their nursery. I don't know
of anyone who grows Darlingtonia in mass quantity, by the way. Of course,
things change and perhaps they set up a lab in the last year and are cranking
out the VFTs, but I doubt it. Let me know if you hear otherwise. I would not
recommend supporting them without proof of propagation.
Ron Gagliardo