Re: Darlingtonia Feader Nursery
Sun, 23 Oct 1994 21:17:36 -0400

I work a couple of blocks from the Feader Nursery in Sylmar and occasionally
buy bales of sphagnum from them at less than retail. The gentleman I deal
with has been quite friendly.

He has shown me his greenhouse full of VFTs. He complained that the stock
was down; he only had 14,000 or so. Usually, they handle a hundred thousand
at a time. IIt amazes me that they are able to sell them.

>From time to time, they have Darlingtonia, but they stay away from them due
to the heat. They get them from someone in Oregon, but I didn't inquire
further. It was my impression that they had another nursery up there. My
bet is that they are field collected, but I can't imagine them finding that
many. All sites of Darlingtonia that I've seen are quite small and the
plants rarely look as good as the Feader plants.