Re: N.bicalcarata

Paul Temple (
Mon, 24 Oct 94 18:06:18 +0000

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>Marie's Orchids and Carnivorous Plants at 6400 Cedarbrook Drive,
>Pine;;as Park, Florida (zip: 34666) claims to have N.bicalcarata
>for sale at a tidy price of $50.00.

>(That Pine;;as should be Pinellas)

>I have never seen it for sale anywhere else. I find this quite
>odd as it is supposed to be one of the easier plants to grow. If
>I had room to grow it (and $50.00) I would give it a go.

>I have never bought any plants from here, as they are a bit pricey,
>but they are the only U.S. source for alot of exotic Nepenthes.

A thousand aplogies. My mail system hid about 100 mails including
yours. I just found it. Thanks a mil;lion for responding. The price
isd high but not if no one is able to "donate" a plant!!!

I'll write for details.