Introduction and VFT advice

Philip Semanchuk (
Mon, 20 Jun 94 18:50:02 EDT

Hi, I've been following this group for about a week and it is very
interesting, I really enjoy it.

I have a Venus FlyTrap (VFT). To the person looking for advice on growing
them, I would say the 2 mostbenficial things I did for my VFT were: 1)
keep it constantly damp by sitting the pot several (2-3) inches of water,
rather than trying to keep it wet enough by top-watering and 2) leave it
outside during the winter as much as possible. I stuck it in the fridge
when temparatures got below 28F. My VFT is now flowering, which brings my
to a question - is it possible/useful to collect the seeds from the VFT
flowers? Advice on what the seeds look like and how difficult they are to
germinate would be appreciated.