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Timothy Stark (
Mon, 20 Jun 1994 19:46:51 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 20 Jun 1994, Philip Semanchuk wrote:

> I have a Venus FlyTrap (VFT). To the person looking for advice on growing
> them, I would say the 2 mostbenficial things I did for my VFT were: 1)
> keep it constantly damp by sitting the pot several (2-3) inches of water,
> rather than trying to keep it wet enough by top-watering and 2) leave it
> outside during the winter as much as possible. I stuck it in the fridge
> when temparatures got below 28F. My VFT is now flowering, which brings my
> to a question - is it possible/useful to collect the seeds from the VFT
> flowers? Advice on what the seeds look like and how difficult they are to
> germinate would be appreciated.

For your information, VFT grows so well for years in DC area. :) I saw VFT
at the outside of the botanical of subtropical and tropical building at
April 3, 1994 . It survived that unusual cold winter last year! :)
DC area is in zone 7 climate. I saw it the park seed's bulb reference
book and it showed that VFT is quite hardy to zone 7.

Also I recently got my new "A Guide to the Carnorovious Plants of the
World" from Internet bookstore BBS ( :)

-- Tim Stark

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