Re: Nemesis

Steven Klitzing (
Mon, 20 Jun 94 15:51:24 -0700

When you examine the Nemesis theory, it's a miracle anything survived
on this planet. One thing is for sure, something creamed this solar
system at least once. It could account for large groups of plant
and animal species dying out.

And the ice ages must have wiped out a lot of plant diversity.

I am absolutely amazed at what CPs have managed to do over millions
of years. They all have traps, but what a variety of traps! You
have a vacuum cleaner trap (Utricularia), a bear claw trap (VFT),
a drowning trap (Nepenthes/Cephalotus), a flypaper trap (Drosera),
and a roach motel "go in but don't come out" trap (Sarracenia and
Darlingtonia). When I see plants like this, it's sometimes hard to
believe this is a natural development. It seems these plants have a
well thought out design. Which makes you wonder if nature, or this
planet, is somehow sentient. If you want to wonder about things,
look at the plant world. The more you explore it, the more questions
you have that can't be answered.