Re: Origins of VFTs

Steven Klitzing (
Mon, 13 Jun 94 12:03:56 -0700

>Of course, as my fiance says:
>"These plants aren't any kind of evolutionary triumph! You put 'em out in
>the front yard and they would croak in seconds. Now crabgrass... that is
>an evolutionary triumph!"

Chris, you have to admit, carnivorous plants *are* quite an evolutionary
triumph in survival. How do you survive if you are a strange little
plant that can't compete with anything in most climates and good soil?

You get human beings to take care of you, and breed you, and trade you,
and propagate you, and give you a nice place to live, and talk about you
on the internet, and sell your seeds, and go to backbreaking lengths to
keep you alive...and you make sure the human beings don't know this
survival trick was incorporated into your genes!