Origins of VFTs

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Mon, 13 Jun 1994 14:36:21 -0400

>>When looking at the possibility that VFTs have extraterrestrial
>>origins, consider the following perspective. VFTs function essentially the
>>same as do all other forms of life on Earth. They are cellular, they operate
>>with the same set of amino acids, they use the same trick of genetic coding
>>with chromosomes, and even use the same molecules (DNA, RNA) in this
>>information storage and access.

Just proves how tricky these aliens can be! :)

And on another note:

>>Of course, as my fiance says:

>"These plants aren't any kind of evolutionary triumph! You put 'em out in
>the front yard and they would croak in seconds. Now crabgrass... that is
>an evolutionary triumph!"

>Of course we haven't set a wedding date yet.


Having been married 19 years as of 6-7, it's best to bring this kind of thing
to a head right away. Tell her you want to honeymoon in the Okefenokee, just
you her and the plants. :)

Tom in Fl