Re: Origins of VFTs

Steven Klitzing (
Mon, 13 Jun 94 10:53:44 -0700

>Hi Steve,
>While it does make a good story, I think the asteroid impact
>hypothesis was never proven for the Cape Fear region. Now if
>you wanted to talk about the *pods* found in local fields a few
>years back there may be a connection. I think there was a meteor
>shower about that time ;-).
>Jeff in NC

Pods? You mean like...INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS! Or was this an
actual occurrence? Please illuminate me if this is not a joke!

By the way, for the ultimate in CP horror stories, there is a book and
a movie called "The Day of the Triffids". THe movie is rather silly,
but I hear the book is pretty good. And, of course, there's "Little
Shop of Horrors", which is a ridiculous musical and an equally
ridiculous B&W 1950's beatnik horror film.

Also, has there been any genetic engineering research to make CP plants
grow much larger and hardier? I hear that some characters want to engineer
CP plants that will grow between rows of crops on farms and organically get
rid of insect pests.

Imagine, a CP plant with the frost tolerance of Arctic lichen, pitchers or
traps the size of buckets, the drought tolerance of a cactus, and orchid blooms
the size of sunflowers, and that loves to grow in crummy soil.