icps needs you

Kevin Snively (ksnive@hebron.connected.com)
Fri, 10 Jun 1994 07:00:30 -0700 (PDT)

I would have wrote back sooner on this but I'm still
having mail trouble.

>Date: Thu, 19 May 1994 19:01:04 -0700
>From: SteveB4706@aol.com
> The editors of CPN have decided that it is time to incorporate
>officers into the society as described by our bylaws. In these
>bylaws, 3 officers are required; president, vice-president and
>secretary-treasurer. We think the best method of getting nominees
>for these officers is through the local CP chapters that have
>sprung up in recent years around the United States. Later
>we will include other countries but for now, because of time
>constraints, it is more expedient to focus on members from this
> We are asking each CP chapter in this country to submit one
>candidate name for each of the above offices. We estimate that
>we would obtain 4-6 nominees for each office. A ballot with these
>names will be with the December issue of CPN. Members will vote
>for a candidate from each office and mail the ballot to Editor
>Steve Baker who will tabulate the results.

I guess I have a problem with this notice and am
facinated that no other comments have come up on the listserv
about it yet. maybe no one noticed or maybe no one cares but
what happened to the INTERNATIONAL in International Carnivorous
Plant Society. Is the United States now dictating to the world.

On this listserv we now have subscribers from all over the
world with well established local groups who have just as much time
to prepare to particapate in the democratic process as we do.
With he speed that information travels today there is NO LEGITIMATE
to submit a nomination.

As for our local club P.N.W.C.P.C. we generally assume we
represent Three states and Two Canadian provinces. We have elected
officers from both sides of the border to ENSURE equal representation.
So what is the real deal here?