Re: icps needs you

Patrick Cox (
10 Jun 94 13:34:14 AST

=>>secretary-treasurer. We think the best method of getting nominees
=>>for these officers is through the local CP chapters that have
=>>sprung up in recent years around the United States. Later
=>>we will include other countries but for now, because of time
=>>constraints, it is more expedient to focus on members from this
=> I guess I have a problem with this notice and am
=>facinated that no other comments have come up on the listserv
=>about it yet. maybe no one noticed or maybe no one cares but
=>what happened to the INTERNATIONAL in International Carnivorous
=>Plant Society. Is the United States now dictating to the world.

I don't even remember seeing the original message!

Although I am not a member of a CP club, I agree that there should be
INTERNATIONAL representation. I still can't figure out why the United
Nations is in the States and not a neutral country like Switzerland.

=> As for our local club P.N.W.C.P.C. we generally assume we
=>represent Three states and Two Canadian provinces. We have elected
=>officers from both sides of the border to ENSURE equal representation.
=>So what is the real deal here?

BTW, what are the represented states and provinces in your club?



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