Global conquest

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Fri, 10 Jun 94 08:44:06 MST

>>secretary-treasurer. We think the best method of getting nominees
>>for these officers is through the local CP chapters that have
>>sprung up in recent years around the United States. Later
>>we will include other countries but for now, because of time
>>constraints, it is more expedient to focus on members from this

>what happened to the INTERNATIONAL in International Carnivorous
>Plant Society. Is the United States now dictating to the world.

Kevin, sure I agree that the ICPS services the world and is probably the
most global society. But it is also strongly biased towards the US (and I
could narrow that further and say California!). Steve noted that the
nomination process will be more international in the future, so it seems
this first-time process is being used as a seed to start things moving.

I don't mean to offend other societies when I say the ICPS is probably the
most global society. When I first wrote this note, I used the word
``international'' but I realized that some of the Euro-groups clearly
are more international than the ICPS.