Re: Heliamphora Question

Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
Tue, 24 May 1994 10:46:31 -0700

>>Now for my question. I've got two _Heliamphora_, one _H. heterodoxa_
>>and one _H. minor_. They were derived from tissue culture and have
>>done quite well. In fact, the plants have so many growth points, they
>>appear to be restricting their own growth. Pot size doesn't seem to be
>>a problem and I'm just starting to get some mature pitchers. Unless
>>someone tells me differently, I plan to use a razor blade to subdivide
>>the plants into less constricted sizes and replant them in sphagnum.
>>Any additional hints or cautions? Thanks.

Bill Baumgartl told me that H. are not that difficult
to divide as long as you use a razor blade, or have a
plant that breaks along a clean line, and that you keep
the plant in 100% humidity and fair temps to let it
recover. I've never done it. My tissue-culture H.
plants are also multi-crown, but I'm just going to repot
them rather than divide them right now.