Heliamphora Question

Tue, 24 May 1994 13:03:16 -0500 (EST)

Hi Folks,

I just got back to work after a week at the coast, so its
taking a while to get through the mail. Didn't see any CP
on the way, just lots of sand, water, and 30 knot winds. Still
it was a nice trip.

Now for my question. I've got two _Heliamphora_, one _H. heterodoxa_
and one _H. minor_. They were derived from tissue culture and have
done quite well. In fact, the plants have so many growth points, they
appear to be restricting their own growth. Pot size doesn't seem to be
a problem and I'm just starting to get some mature pitchers. Unless
someone tells me differently, I plan to use a razor blade to subdivide
the plants into less constricted sizes and replant them in sphagnum.
Any additional hints or cautions? Thanks.

Jeff in NC