confused Sarracenia

Tue, 24 May 94 18:03:25 PST

Bob Beer, remember that S. alata X minor(?) cross you gave me? A
developing pit cher is "corkscrewing or spiraling" upwards. Other
pitchers on the plant appear to be developing normally but was wondering
what was happening. The plant is o utdoors and gets a fair amount of
light 10am-1pm and 3pm-7pm (trees block the rest!!). Another question I
have is a S. psittacina crown suddenly turned brown before anything
started happening. I slowed down on watering the plant and litt le
pitcher shoots came out of the crown. Trouble is they get about 2-3 cm
and t hen they appear to shrivel and die... I have another S.
psittacina in the immed iate vicinity and it's loving the conditions. I
did dig up the former to check
for root parasites and found none Any ideas... Kirk

P.S. Remember marshmallows originally came from a Bog plant. Bogs are good...