RIP D.intermedia

Philip A. DiTullio 508-946-0485 (DITULLIO@A1.TCH.HARVARD.EDU)
Sat, 21 May 1994 11:44:00 EST

I bought a D.intermedia from O.Bramlett along with a D.capensis
P.primulafora and P.caerulea.I have them in a 10 gal.aquarium
with 2 flourescent tubes and a halogen 60w lamp.
All the plants are growing well (I also have a D.binata I got
from Barry)except the D.intermedia.When I first got it it
started to put out a couple of leaves and then the tips
seemed to brown then everything turned brown and I think
it died.What could have gone wrong?I put it outside now
with my Sarr.seedlings and Dionea just in case it would miraculously