Australian CP: habitat reference

Lyoyd Loope (halesci@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu)
Sun, 22 May 1994 16:03:47 -1000 (HST)

I have quite accidentally run across a reference describing the unique
habitat of some Australian CP. It may be a bit obscure, so it might be
that even those folks specifically interested in these CP might not be
aware of it.

CP mentioned include Drosera gigantea, D. glanduligera, D. macrantha, D.
menziesii, D. stolonifera [sspp. stolonifera & rupicola], D. subhirtella,
Polypompholyx multifida, P. tenella, and Utricularia violaceae.

The reference is:

Ornduff, Robert (University of California, Berkeley, Department of Botany).
Dated May 21, 1986; copyright (published) 1987. Harold L. Lyon Arboretum
Lecture Number Fifteen, Islands on Islands: Plant life on the Granite
Outcrops of Western Australia. Published for Harold L. Lyon Arboretum by
the University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu.

It is a 32-page booket and is available for US$5.00 from University of
Hawaii Press, Order Department, 2840 Kolowalu Street, Honolulu, Hawaii
96822. I know that shipping is charged, but I don't know how much it
is. If I find out, I'll try to post it; otherwise, info is available
from the above address.