Thu, 19 May 94 21:55:44 EDT


Over the years, we have accumulated a large inventory of back issues of CPN
magazine which is becoming a serious storage problem. So, we are making a
generous offer to reduce this inventory by reducing the prices of ten years
of the past issues.
CPN issues from 1978 to 1987, (vol 7 to vol 17 ) will now cost $8.00 per
volume, a discount of over 60% from the previous price. Now this offer only
applies to the above mentioned issues because the CPN issues from Vol 18 to
vol 22 remain the same, i.e. $12.50 per vol. Issues of CPN from Vol 1-6 are
available on demand since these are copied from the original issues which are
no longer available. The price of these will be also $8.00 per volume.
Tell your friends, old members and even new members about this deal.
Perhaps you want a second copy to keep unspoiled and unsoiled on your
library shelf or to just replace issues that are wearing out with use. This
offer is good until we run out of copies.
Please enclosed the following with each order of CPN's at this special
price. On a 3 x 5 index card put what issues you wish to purchase with your
full name and address on it. Also send a self address envelop. Without the
above item your order may be delayed or not filled.