Southeastern USA CP group Forming.
Thu, 19 May 94 21:56:18 EDT

Several ICPS members living in the southeastern United States have requested
that an affiliate group within ICPS be formed. For several years, similar
successful groups involving the Bay Area of San Francisco and the
northeastern United States have been active and CP enthusiasts in the
southeast feel that an equivalent group in their region would be helpful to
Tentatively, the first meeting and organizational planning session combined
for the group will be September 23,24, and 25 1994, at the Atlanta Botanical
Garden where Ron Determann has graciously offered to host the group. Further
announcements will be sent out to eastern zip and postal code subscribers
when the date and times are finalized. A "long weekend" meeting is envisioned
with tours, general fellowship, talks, slide shows, showings of plants, plant
auction, etc. A block of rooms at a nearby moderately priced motel will be
set aside. There would be a registration fee to cover expenses such as meals
on campus.
All ICPS members with concern, particularly southeastern members, are
encouraged to drop a note to either Steve Baker or Don Schnell with their
feelings on this matter and any ideas.
It is realized that the Northeastern Group has recently expanded as the
Eastern Group. However, it is the feeling of many in the southeast that
such a geographical designation, even with meetings alternated yearly
throughout the area, is too broad to encompass a meeting for all members who
may wish to attend yearly rather than in alternate years. Individuals in
border areas, such as Virginia and Tennessee, may wish to attend both area
meetings. Certainly, ALL ICPS members in the CP world are invited to the
southeastern meetings at any time where we can all enjoy good fellowship.
It is not the intent of the CP enthusiasts in the southeast to preempt or
otherwise cause difficulties with the Eastern Group. In fact, mutual exchange
of meetings announcements and newsletters is encouraged as well as attendance
at both annual meetings by all when possible.