Re: drosera
Thu, 19 May 94 21:10:50 EDT

> It's most likely that this plant is a leaf bud plantlet. As older leaves
>touch the soil it's not uncommon for them to bud one or more plantlets.
>Leaf budding is commonly used to reproduce drosera.

That was what i had origanlly thought, but the plantlets are at the edge of
the pot which is of a large enough diameter that the main plant is in the
very center with alot of space between the edge of the pot and the main
plant. None of the older leaves are or have been anywhere near the two spots
where the plantlets are developing. So i guess the only other option is that
there was some seed that had gotten into the sphagnum at the nursery? I also
have some of the sphagnum starting to grow, which is a nice surprise as it
looked like it was dead before this.