Thu, 19 May 94 21:55:59 EDT

The editors of CPN have decided that it is time to incorporate officers into
the society as described by our bylaws. In these bylaws, 3 officers are
required; president, vice-president and secretary-treasurer. We think the
best method of getting nominees for these officers is through the local CP
chapters that have sprung up in recent years around the United States. Later
we will include other countries but for now, because of time constraints, it
is more expedient to focus on members from this country.
We are asking each CP chapter in this country to submit one candidate name
for each of the above offices. We estimate that we would obtain 4-6 nominees
for each office. A ballot with these names will be with the December issue of
CPN. Members will vote for a candidate from each office and mail the ballot
to Editor Steve Baker who will tabulate the results.
You can write or e-mail your candidates into Steve's address which appears
below. We would appreciate that all nominees be in by September 15th to give
us time to contact them and perhaps obtain a short statement on how they can
help our organization plan for the future.
Basically, officers run for two years and meet annually either by phone or
at a regional meeting to discuss the agenda. There are several issues that we
are aware of that will affect this organization in the future and they should
be resolved soon.
We thought it would be useful to have a list of all of the CP clubs or
groups in the USA to publish in CPN. When you send in your list of nominees
please mention the name of the club or group also included the name and
address of the person to contact and there e-mail address if available.
Steve's street: Rt. 1, Box 540-19AB, Conover, NC 28613
Steve's email address: SteveB4706@AOL.COM