Re: Sarracenia variations

Rick Walker (
Mon, 16 May 1994 12:12:23 -0700

> > Interesting your albino plant. Why not post a question about it. I wonder
> > what you might have been able to feed your plant to nurse it along, if
> > possible?
> >
> Any one have ideas about how to handle seedlings like this?

I have seen nearly chlorophyll-free forms of African Violets. Usually
they still have little patches of green here and there in the leaf.

These freaks need to be regularly sprayed with a nutrient solution to
provide the sugar normally generated by photosynthesis. It makes for a
very sticky dusty mess, but when cleaned up for a show such a plant might
well win blue ribbons.

I think that a plant *completely* w/o chorophyll would be doomed unless
you kept it in-vitro on a nutrient substrate.