Sarracenia variations

David Purks (telenet!twinkie!dkpurks@uunet.UU.NET)
Mon, 16 May 1994 13:21:22 -0400 (EDT)

Mail from me to Barry Meyers-Rice:
> When you grow S. from see, do you notice a lot of individual
> variations beteen seedlings? I got some S. minor seed from
> the seed bank which seems to have come up well and is starting
> to produce its first pitchers (they're about a quarter of an
> inch tall). The reason I asked about variation is that one
> of the young pitchers is solid red whereas the others are all
> green. Also, one of the S. rubra seedlings came up all
> white - obviously completely without cholophyll. Unfortunately
> it didn't live more than a week.

Barry responds:
> Hmm, not really. There are always bigger plantlets and smaller plantlets,
> but not much other variation. I don't see much colour variation until the
> plants are about 4cm tall or so...
> Interesting your albino plant. Why not post a question about it. I wonder
> what you might have been able to feed your plant to nurse it along, if
> possible?

Any one have ideas about how to handle seedlings like this?