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Larry Logoteta (
16 May 1994 11:05:13 U

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Sarraciena seed takes 5yrs to mature And also VFT take the same length
of time. Drosera seed should start growing in about a couple of weeks.

To: Larry Logoteta
Hi all,

My name is Caleb Cheung and I've been on this group for a few months now.
I've always felt that I had little to say and I'm not all that experienced
at growing CP, so have never posted much. Well now I, like the many other
people that are starting, have a few questions. But first the my life
story with CP. I am currently a Integrative Biology major at UC Berkeley
with a focus on Botany and Entomology. I'm actually about to graduated
and am desperately looking for a job, but that's another story. I've
loved plants and bugs since I was a little boy and remember seeing my
first flytrap at supermarket (like many of you), and begging my dad to buy
it for me. More recently, a year ago, I took a horticultural methods
class at the botanical garden here at Berkeley and focused for a semester
caring for ferns, CP's, and orchids. Since then I've accumulated a few
plants (Dionaea, Droseas, Genlisea, and one Sarracenia).

My question is how long it takes seeds to mature and when can it be
"harvested" off flower stalks? I need this answer because my flytraps,
pitcher plant (rubus), and sundews (a few unidentified species) have
bloomed and now wilted. Also I was wondering if in cultivation, flower
stalks are cut off completely after the desired seeds are collected, or
there is some benefit to leaving the stalks there.

Thanks much in advance.

- Caleb