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Sunil Gupta (
Tue, 29 Mar 94 19:02:21 EST

uunet!!ATLASD writes:

> As a fellow Baltimoron (and an ex-hoppie)

Hey, me three! Looks like it's time to subset that Eastern Convention
of the ICPS.

Well, I did an inventory of my plants this weekend, and it doesn't look
like ANY of my Sarr./Dar. survived. Still to early to tell with the
VFT's. Oh well :-(. I suspect that that I did not cover with an adequate
layer of mulch (about 2.5 cm). Oh well, I don't think I'll replace them
right away as I'm moving (if my mortgage comes through) to a neighborhood
with heavy tree shade. Any suggestions for low-light CP (as well as
suppliers thereof) would be most welcome.

In my travels this winter, I had the chance to visit Holland. While there,
I toured the Hortus Botanicus in Leiden and would strongly recommend
that any fellow CP'ers who find themselves in that locale avail themselves
of the opportunity to see their excellent Nepenthes collection. They
had two glasshouses that were stuffed full of Nepenthes and orchids, and
there were also some Nep. sprinkled throughout the palms.

The Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam had a small CP collection, but all
the plants were in dormancy when I visited. It might be worth a visit
in summertime.

Sunil Gupta
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