Jeffrey Michael Stein (steinjef@student.msu.edu)
Tue, 29 Mar 1994 23:17:36 -0500 (EST)

Well this is probably the second message you have recieved from me as I didn't
know how to get on the list. Well, first off I'm a freshman at Michigan State
University, and a Botany student. So plants in general are interesting to me.
Carnivorous plants are, and have been my all-time favorite type of plant. Ever
since I bought my first Pitcher Plant bulb in 7th grade (Which I STILL have),
I've been looking for, and collecting these plants. My collection is rather
small and basically consists of purple pitcher plants both (southern and
northern, 6 species of sundews, some bladderwort, several Venus Flytraps, and
a Nepenthes sp. I started off growing them in fish tanks in my closet, but now
have a decent sized 'indoor greenhouse' in my room as well as an old kiddie
pool buried in my yard, and am always looking for new spots or containers to
put them in. I've been looking for sources and suppliers, but have yet to find
anyone other than Peter Pauls' Nursery in NY, and they have never returned my
request for a catalog. But I keep trying. Anyways if anyone lives in my area,
or has any suggestions I'd love to here how other people keep their

Thank you