New member

John R. Geiser (
Mon, 28 Mar 1994 03:09:48 -0500

Hi. I've been eavesdroping for a few weeks. I heard about this list
through the orchid list that I belong to. I thought I would introduce
myself and ask a few questions that I am sure you have answered many times

I do not grow any CP but am interested in beginning. I find the shapes,
lifestyle very interesting. I checked out the suppliers in the index and
have sent for a few catalogs. While I am waiting, are there books for a
beginner that I should be checking out? Anything different (the big
picture) about growing CP as compared to orchids (like ignore them and they
grow better, no fertilizer, etc). Special supplies I need? Are there
societys (local and national) that I should be aware of?

If there is a FAQ somewhere that I missed, could some please direct me to
it. Mail can be directed to me personally if the list has been through the
questions time and time again. Thanks!


John R. Geiser
Department of Biology, Mudd Hall
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland 21218